When it comes to picking the best for your home, you have to pick up the best solution for everything, you have to concentrate on making everything like a saver, so when using gadgets and tools and even vacuum cleaners, you should search about the best energy saver in them.

Not only because of energy high cost in the current days, and that lowering the amount of used energy is a must for achieving energy fulfillment needs as time goes on in our countries, but also because it’s better financially in the future for us.

One of the factors affecting energy consumption and surely the financial part of it, the Water heaters, they’re one of the most factors of energy consumption, we’d use about 10-15 percent of our energy consumption daily, only on water heaters.

Whether you’re using a tank heater or a tankless one, you’ll discover huge difference if you turn them off for a month. Surely nobody’s going to do that, so we have to act smart, being smart in this, by picking the best solution for ourselves.

Asking the question what to buy in our homes, Tank heater or tankless water heater ?!.

The answer is definitely Tankless water heater because of many factors:

1.Fast use: Tankless water heaters heat almost immediately the water pumped into the tapes, so when it comes to the time factor, tankless water heaters are way better and have a better pumping pressure with good temperature raising and controlling in no time.

2. Dependency: when it comes to tankless water heaters, you can use them for more than 25 years, yes it’s an average number for normal use of tankless water heaters.

3.Space: Tankless Water Heaters are way better than tank water heaters because the tank water heaters take so more than you imagine in space, it takes about 1 Meter cube of size in your house or apartment … etc, but tankless water heaters don’t do that.

4.Energy saving: Tank water heaters save water in them for a long time to be healed through time and that process takes a long time and consumes a lot of electricity which means high cost on electricity and energy and high time waiting, that would cost a lot on the long term compared to tankless water heaters.

5.Cost Friendly: reaching the financial discuss, tankless water heaters are better because they save about 150 dollars in average per year compared to the tank water heater, that’s just an average number, it could be a lot more if you’re the type who uses hot water regularly.

6.Source of power: As long as they don’t use a lot of electricity and still provide high heating equation per second, it needs a huge power dissipation.  Tankless water heaters use Propane as a power source or let’s say natural gas.    #Why should we Use tankless water heaters everywhere in Canada.

As known, Canada is an industrial country with a lot of migrated residents, well …  Canada is one of the highest natural gas providers in the whole world, surprisingly … comes the Tankless water heater without the use of high power but having dependence more on the use of natural gas, also Canada is having the huge number of residents compared to other countries, so when it comes to saving energy it’s better saving it in something like a water heater that consumes a lot daily.

Consumes a lot daily in power and money too, so, in Canada according to low prices of natural gas, it’s the best to use tankless water heater, and save electric energy for something better needed for it, and also lower the money spent at your house or apartment … etc.

Well, when it comes to picking the best tankless water heater after taking the decision of using it at home, you should pick something durable because in the initiation the tankless water heater is priced high, but it would save a ton of money over time.

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