Canada Day

Canada is a dream travel destination for most travelers, always delivering on their expectations. Whether you’re into food, art, outdoor adventures or culture, Canada delivers just that. It’s also home to vibrant cities, stunning nature and friendly locals.

Choose the best food and drinks, anything from poutine to bacon, to satisfy your taste buds. Although Canada doesn’t have a specific cuisine from any of its regions, the best restaurants in the country serve mouthwatering dishes.

You can also visit innovative local breweries in Nova Scotia and Ontario to discover some of the country’s best drinks.

With more than 45 national parks calling Canada home, this is a must-visit destination for outdoor enthusiasts. Explore nature or go hiking at Toronto’s Rouge National Urban Park or British Columbia’s Glacier National Park. There’s something for everyone at your chosen park.

Whales, bears, beavers, and many more wildlife also call Canada home. If you’re into viewing wildlife, you’ll spot some rare animal species only seen in this nation.

The arctic provides the perfect ecosystem for belugas and polar bears while the east coast is home to more than 22 whale species.

The local culture, people and communities celebrate the country’s rich history while looking into the future. Explore Northern BC for the First Nation’s art and experience history in the various Canadian territories and provinces.

You can also visit Winnipeg for first-hand experience of human rights advocacy at the Canadian Museum of Human Rights and appreciate the indigenous culture spread across the nation. There’re more ways to indulge in the nation’s rich history and culture.

Attend Ottawa’s RBC Bluesfest or Montreal’s Oshega festival to explore what each event has to offer, especially if you’re into music. Food festivals include Pemberton’s Slowfood Cycle Sunday while film festivals include the Toronto International Film Festival.

Prefer comedy? Make sure you attend “Just For Laughs” for endless laughter. You’ll find this event relaxing if you’re having trouble calming your nerves.


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