It is that annual day that everyone is looking forward to. Guests are anticipating the gifts yet you have not thought of the best and unique gift to present. When choosing a gift, you need to avoid duplication and that means that due diligence is vital to prevent this. Why not take care of a water purification program and choose either an ionizer machine or a water softener as a long term solution?

Some systems are energy efficient and also safe for the health of its users. As long as the company installs then at an affordable price then you can make the right choice on which one to go for based on the need. We will look at the advantages and disadvantages of both of them as a guide to make the best choice.

The ionizer machine works on the ionic composition of the elements such that it raises the PH of the water to alkaline. The main benefits of ionized water include

  • Removal of toxins
  • Improves the water taste
  • Neutralizes the acidic component
  • It is ideal as an energy-giving drink
  • Reduces the aging process
  • Contains necessary minerals
  • It is absorbed fast in the body

Despite the advantages and the health benefits; health experts also warn of its overuse. For example, if you have an alkaline body then ionized water will increase the PH level which has its disadvantage. Some of the disadvantages include

  • It needs a special filter
  • It is expensive to install and maintain
  • Electrolysis is a complex process

A water softener on the other hard works by softening hard water. Its main benefits include:

  • Smoothens the skin and the hair
  • Saves you in cost for plumbing and detergent use
  • Brighten the clothes and softens the fabric
  • Uses less time
  • Its water is tasty

The main disadvantages of water softener to the water are

  • Lessens the sodium levels in the body which might be necessary
  • It removes some essential elements like magnesium and calcium which the body may require
  • It cannot remove heavy metals that hurt the health

Both the ionizer machine and the water softener improve the water tastes as well as the removal of some of the essential minerals. The question should now be, at what point you need to use either of them. Remember this is a gift for the Canada day; you need to make sure that the gift should not be a burden but something that will help its users or rather improve on their lives. What then is the best option if this is the well-thought idea for the gift? You now have to engage health experts to try and address the concerns especially when it comes to the cost. Moreover, a health expert must also be part of the technical team to advise on the quantity that is recommended to avoid any health issues as a result of the gift.