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Creative Cooking Hacks for Canada Day International Caterers

July 1st is a day Canadian look forward to for they come together to celebrate being a Canadian.

Apart from being citizens, they celebrate their diverse cultural and religious affiliations to create peace and harmony.

That is a day you can’t miss to indulge. One day, you throw your weight loss program to have fun and enjoy what the day has to offer.

Canada recipes smoked in traditional pellet smoker are among the delicacies you can’t miss in the kitchen.

The caterers have this in mind and ensure that their menu has Canadian heritage. You can also be part of this celebration.

Are you a caterer? Do you want to display your culinary skill on Canada Day international? It’s simple, get hold of the organizers and follow the process of application.

Now that a wooden smoker should be part of your cooking appliances, you need to make the right decision in choosing the right pellet wood smoker that will not disappoint you on that day.

It’s a place that you not only display your culinary skills but also throw yourself in the market for more catering orders and contracts.

What cooking hacks work for Canadian Day international caterers?

  1. Use dental floss to get precious cuts

After you have baked your cake ready for display and tasting, if you aren’t careful, it may end up being crumbled not because you don’t cook it well but its natural state.

A quick hack to get perfect slices for guests to buy and taste your product is to cut them using dental floss. It has got a second function.

  • Cook a lot of food at home and concentrate on display and service

It’s messy to start cooking in the D-Day when people have come to enjoy the meals.

Once you have the Canada Day International Badge, plan ahead of time and have pre-cooked foods and bring them on site.

It now gives you ample time to work on the table display to ensure you reach your optimum service limit.

  • Use apple slice to maintain the yummy taste of baked treats

People love pastries and cakes at such events. Do you know as a caterer, you are also in a marketing platform?

Therefore, you can afford to disappoint them with hard cakes, not because you didn’t bake well, but because you baked them earlier, they lose the freshness taste.

In that case, wrap the baked treats in a plastic bag with a slice of apple juice. It will be as fresh as if it’s just from the oven.

  • Warp wet serviettes on bottles of soda or wine to cool faster

Canada Day international is always sunny since it’s around summertime. A cold drink is essential to quench one’s thirst.

Not everyone wants that cold drink; instead, they prefer cool drinks.

Once on-site, wrap your bottle with a wet paper towel to cool fast and serve your guests without keeping them waiting for long only because you have to wait for the drinks to naturally cool.

Canada Day International is an event characterized by walk-ins as guests sample different cultural heritage artifacts, including foods.

One easy way to have edible desserts is to our melted chocolate in a bowl. In that state, insert an inflated balloon in it.

The chocolate will stick in the sides in a circular or semi-circular shape. Leave it to cool and deflate the balloon.

Oops! You have a chocolate bowl made from readily available materials.

Meats tend to stick in the grill pan. The best way to minimize this is to place the lemon slices first then put the flesh on top of it.

It serves two purposes; one is to avoid sticking together. Secondly, the sweet aroma of lemon diffuses into the meats to enhance its flavor.

  • Cook enough food to cater to diverse needs

You never know the people who visit your stands, so you need to have various foods, are cooked, and marinate them in demand.

Some of the people to take care of include

  • Vegetarians
  • White meat lovers
  • Red meat lovers
  • General foodies

With this in mind, you try and prepare a least a meal or two per category. It helps to ensure you don’t disappoint your customers.

The same concept you use when making a buffet is the same meal plan you also need to have when making the choices for the meals of choice.

It’s meaningless to be nervous when you get the contract among the caterers in this annual event. Take the opportunity in open arms and handle it as it comes. It’s worth the effort.

6 Fun Things to Do on Your Next Canada Day International

Is your fridge filled with burgers?

What about your maple leaf t-shirt? Is it washed ready for the celebrations?

Have you stocked enough fireworks in your shed for the celebrations? If you answered yes, then you’re ready for the Canada Day International celebrations.

If not, you may want to celebrate the day differently for the first time.

Canada Day International is the day set aside for Canadians around the world to celebrate the diverse cultures and rich history of the country. It’s a time to celebrate the gift of being a Canadian and calling the country home.

In 2020, the country celebrates its 153rd anniversary on July 1. However, you can continue celebrating the country’s celebrations long after Canada Day.

This explains the need to plan out fun activities to do ahead of the celebrations. Ranging from the sandy Newfoundland shores to the rugged Yukon wilderness, there’re lots of destinations, events and establishments to keep you busy during Canada Day.

You can continue celebrating the nation’s anniversary long after July 1 and throughout the rest of the year. Whichever way you decide to celebrate the anniversary, you don’t want to leave out maple leaf accessories, pancake breakfast, dancing, etc.

If you’re not sure how to celebrate Canada Day activities, here’re fun ways to celebrate the upcoming Canada Day International:

Top 6 Things to Keep You Busy During Canada Day Celebrations

  1. Explore Bill Reid Millennium Amphitheatre in British Columbia

Take your little ones to the Amphitheatre for a fun-filled day during the anniversary. The kids’ zone features face painting, Canada Day-themed crafts, and so much more.

A Ferris wheel and the Zipper and the Spider rides are available for the more daring kids. Although admission into the Amphitheater is free (10 am to 10 pm), you may have to pay for the amusement area.

For more fun, the Cloverdale Youth Park allows your kids to bring their scooters, skateboards, or BMX bike. The latter is for the All-Wheels Surrey Rides Jam that opens from 1 pm to 6 pm.

Before the display of fireworks at 10.15 pm, you’ll enjoy all kinds of performances, including the pop-rock Canadian Hedley band.

  1. Visit Fort Calgary in Alberta

Calgary city was birthed at Fort Calgary. Begin your day here with a free pancake breakfast.

With free admission from 9 am to 4 pm, you’ll enjoy various family-friendly activities such as:

  • Traditional indigenous stories and games
  • Live local music
  • Food truck caravans
  • Powwow dance workshops

If you’re attending the Calgary City’s living flag event, wear a white or red t-shirt. You’ll want to join attendees in recreating the national flag.

  1. Take a survival tour

Tour the Canadian Wilderness to learn what it takes to venture into the outdoors for safe adventures. Tours teach basic survival skills and ensures you develop the mindset of a survivor. It empowers you each day and even in emergencies.

You can explore the South Chilcotin Mountains’ rugged terrains for an amazing experience in nature. There’s no better way to test your resilience for a more hardy, confident and well-prepared you, almost for anything the Wilderness will throw at you.

Tours of the South Chilcotin Mountains is awe-inspiring. Exploring the Wilderness involves trekking across sun-washed switchbacks and peaks, and traversing rolling grasslands and ancient forests.

You’ll learn how to build a shelter from different elements, start a fire, learn fundamental survival tricks and techniques, and thrive (not just survive) out in the Wilderness.

The tours also teach how to respond to worst-case backcountry situations. You’ll learn how to develop the right mindset to overcome unpredictable weather conditions.

Outdoor survivor tours give you hands-on experience and enhance your mental and physical abilities to cope with sudden happenings in the Wilderness.

What’s more, you may also go hunting with rifles having the best ar scope for game hunting during your survival tour.

  1. Join a Canada Day parade at Fort Saskatchewan

Free admissions begin from 8 am to 10.45 pm. Begin with a Canada Day pancake breakfast at the Royal Canadian Legion. Muscular Dystrophy Canada receives proceeds from the breakfast.

At 11 am, the Canada Day parade heads towards the downtown area. Move on to the CN Station parking lot’s farmers’ market prior to visiting the Legacy Park for endless family fun.

The kids’ corner has a petting zoo open from 1 pm to 5 pm. At 1.45 pm, guests were served free ice cream and birthday cake. In the evenings, catch performances led by the following:

  • The Glass Tiger
  • Derina Harvey Band

At 10.45 pm, the Rotary Amphitheater in Peter T. Ream Historic Parklets fireworks explode.

  1. The Forks Canada Day in Manitoba

The Forks’ five stages allow for almost 50 acts to rock your day. Ranging from fireworks to family-friendly performances, the list is endless.

Enjoy fireworks-friendly performances in the sparkling nights.

  1. The Black Creek Pioneer Village in Ontario

At the Pioneer Village of the Black Creek, you can party like back in 1867. With free admission for the entire family, you’ll only spend on other things at the site. The next two consecutive days are usually free for just kids.

With 19th century performances by magicians and fire jugglers, your entire family will be in for a treat and fun all day long. Let your kids take a short history class to learn more about the site and go ahead to watch the Confederation story.

Welding Helmets Helped Build Canada

It’s a well-known fact that Canada would not be what it is today if not for steel and industrialization. An essential tool in this nation‘s early beginnings is the welding helmet. Thousands of workers who labored in steelworks have much to thank for this piece of safety gear. They provided shields for their eyes, heads, and the necks while they were welding steel parts. And this is still true today. Apart from safety and protection, the best welding helmets help you even work better. In this article, you will understand the best welding helmet you need for your welding job in Canada.

Characteristics of a Good Welding Helmet:
Before you buy your helmet, you should ensure that it will be worth your investment. A good welding helmet should also help you in achieving your goals without hassles. Here are the characteristics of a good welding helmet you need to look out for before you buy. You may also check out for more detailed information.

1. Auto-darkening: Welding helmets come with lenses that are either on auto or passive darkening. Auto-darkening lenses are preferable to help you minimize the time spent on adjusting your helmet. In this way, you will work efficiently. The lenses have materials that automatically detect infrared and ultraviolet rays and adjust themselves accordingly to offer the required protection for your eyes.

2. Lightweight: You are working the whole day, and you do not want to stop and take off the helmet. Choosing a light welding helmet will enable you to work for long hours without the fatigue and neck pain. Most modern Canadian welding helmets are light enough to keep you working for as long as you can.

3. Power Source: If you go for auto-darkening helmets, you should remember that they need a power source to activate the technology so that you can work seamlessly. You can buy the solar powered helmet which is good for outdoor activities. The helmet gets charged by the arc if you are in an enclosure. But for optimal performance, you should choose the helmet that uses batteries and backed up by solar power. The helmet essentially uses batteries. In case the batteries run low, the solar power will be a backup for you to keep welding.

Specifications of a Good Welding Helmet:

1. Least Reaction Time: As you are working, the auto-darkening lenses switch from light to dark to protect your eyes. As soon as it detects an arc, it turns. The helmet you are buying should have a reaction time of between 1/10,000 - 1/20,000 seconds. The less the duration, the better the protection for your eyes.

2. Number of Sensors: Sensors help you when you are working in an area with object obstructions. The higher the number of sensors, the better. But if you are working in an open field, two sensors are sufficient. You have to choose your helmet wisely depending on the place you are going to use it.

3. Viewing Area: The viewing area of a good welding helmet determines how comfortable you will be when working. Large viewing areas are good when you want to see things clearly. In this way, you can work faster. However, the larger viewing area also adds up weight. We have already mentioned that heavy helmets are not good for people who work long hours. You need to make your choice depending on your needs.

4. Shade Range: The shade range is a feature that allows you to work on different types of welding. You may also need a resting state on an auto-darkening helmet. This feature helps you to do other non-welding tasks without having to take off your helmet.

IG-Worthy Places in Canada

Are you looking for some IG Friendly Places in Canada? Well, there are so many of them, and you need to look out for them. Most of these are hidden, and some of them are quite famous. When it comes to the places that can help you to click some amazing photographs, you need to look from a photographer’s eye.
You need to be into some Lifehacker photography that can help you to choose up a place according to the photographs that you desire to click. Here are a few places and how you should use them to get the best results for your pictures from there. Let us get started with it..

1) Niagara Falls, Ontario
Well, the Niagara Falls is famous all over the world and how they won’t be on top of this list. This place offers a fantastic landscape, and for photographs, you can get some surreal photographs from it. For better photographs, you need to stay a little back from the roaring falls as that can cause the mist to come over the camera lens. You need to use a full frame DSLR so that you can get the whole frame in your photograph. One more trick that you can use is the long exposure photography, where you can set the camera on a tripod and let your camera click an amazing photograph with the water in motion.

2) Yellowknife
Have you ever heard of the northern lights? Yes, those green, violet and many color light that shows up in the dark sky. Well, Yellowknife is the perfect place that you can choose for night photography. If you are the one who loves to click astro-sky and astrophotography then you should get to Yellowknife and spend a night under the blanket of the beautiful night sky. For photographs, you need t get hands on a camera that can perform better in low light and mainly with a higher aperture.

3) Tofino
Who says that Canada has fewer beaches? Well, you might have never heard of Tofino. There are so many things that can fascinate you and for your IG pictures, what else would you desire with the beach, cafe, and shores coming all the way. You can get to click some better photographs at the dawn light or in the time of sunset. You will get just perfect lightning with it, and that can add up spice to your photographs. Make sure to use some low light photography cameras for night photography in low light cafés.

4) Thunder Bay
Well, this is just another Niagara Falls, and if you love nature photography for your Instagram handle then this place is best for you. Of course, the monsoon is not the right time to be there as the waterfalls roar to the extent at such times. Make a plan and take out your camera and head to the Thunder Bay, ON You need to be there to see the scenario that keeps changing with the daylight and with that you can get to click some amazing photographs. These places in Canada are truly awesome, and with these tips, you can get to click some amazing pictures for your Instagram handle.