It is that day in the Canada calendar that everyone has been waiting for. It is a day that you can only remember through the next shots. It is the point where your camera skills are put to test. This is the time that you need to master your camera lenses. What is the function of the lens and camera lens explained. This is the part of the camera that is responsible for gathering light from the object to direct it to the image sensor for further execution. Some of the tips that you need to get the best camera shot is

Alternate the lens according to the short sizes

There are various categories of short sizes in photography. This is the point of view, medium shot, long shot, single or double or triple shot and close up shots. This is a Canada day and you have to take any of the shots depending on the image. In case you are taking the image of the Head of state then you need to change the camera lens to close up to capture the image with emphasis on the facial features. When you want to take the image of the crowd then the long shot comes in handy to emphasis on the background. You need to change them as fast as possible not to miss any activity. It means that you must master your camera before you throw yourself on the platform as the professional photographer of the day.Adjust to the right camera angle

Adjust to the right camera angle

The shot size now determines the camera angle of choice. There are five types of camera angles- over the shoulder, Dutch angle, high angle, low angle, and eye level. This is the position of the camera concerning the level of the object. In photography, this affects the impression that the camera gives, For example, he over the shoulder angle displays conflict and confrontation.

Understand the effect of the camera movement

This determines whether you are taking stationary or static images. In Canada day, you are bound to take any of them depending on the image you want to capture at this time. The movement is also categorized into tile or pan, crane shot, zoom, random motion, and 360 degrees. It is the image and the fact that you are also interested in what is happening in the background that now gives you the freedom to choose the kind of movement that is suitable at that time.

Photography is one skill that you do not just learn in a day. Moreover, the theories that you learn in class have little to do with the practical work. This is because of the different camera settings as well as the environment in which you are taking the photograph. In Canada day; this is a public event with the public interest. You have to capture everything from all angles and with different movements to depict the exact feeling and mood at that time. You have to take images that have spontaneous communication with the viewer.