July 1st is a day Canadian look forward to for they come together to celebrate being a Canadian.

Apart from being citizens, they celebrate their diverse cultural and religious affiliations to create peace and harmony.

That is a day you can’t miss to indulge. One day, you throw your weight loss program to have fun and enjoy what the day has to offer.

Canada recipes smoked in traditional pellet smoker are among the delicacies you can’t miss in the kitchen.

The caterers have this in mind and ensure that their menu has Canadian heritage. You can also be part of this celebration.

Are you a caterer? Do you want to display your culinary skill on Canada Day international? It’s simple, get hold of the organizers and follow the process of application.

Now that a wooden smoker should be part of your cooking appliances, you need to make the right decision in choosing the right pellet wood smoker that will not disappoint you on that day.

It’s a place that you not only display your culinary skills but also throw yourself in the market for more catering orders and contracts.

What cooking hacks work for Canadian Day international caterers?

  1. Use dental floss to get precious cuts

After you have baked your cake ready for display and tasting, if you aren’t careful, it may end up being crumbled not because you don’t cook it well but its natural state.

A quick hack to get perfect slices for guests to buy and taste your product is to cut them using dental floss. It has got a second function.

  • Cook a lot of food at home and concentrate on display and service

It’s messy to start cooking in the D-Day when people have come to enjoy the meals.

Once you have the Canada Day International Badge, plan ahead of time and have pre-cooked foods and bring them on site.

It now gives you ample time to work on the table display to ensure you reach your optimum service limit.

  • Use apple slice to maintain the yummy taste of baked treats

People love pastries and cakes at such events. Do you know as a caterer, you are also in a marketing platform?

Therefore, you can afford to disappoint them with hard cakes, not because you didn’t bake well, but because you baked them earlier, they lose the freshness taste.

In that case, wrap the baked treats in a plastic bag with a slice of apple juice. It will be as fresh as if it’s just from the oven.

  • Warp wet serviettes on bottles of soda or wine to cool faster

Canada Day international is always sunny since it’s around summertime. A cold drink is essential to quench one’s thirst.

Not everyone wants that cold drink; instead, they prefer cool drinks.

Once on-site, wrap your bottle with a wet paper towel to cool fast and serve your guests without keeping them waiting for long only because you have to wait for the drinks to naturally cool.

Canada Day International is an event characterized by walk-ins as guests sample different cultural heritage artifacts, including foods.

One easy way to have edible desserts is to our melted chocolate in a bowl. In that state, insert an inflated balloon in it.

The chocolate will stick in the sides in a circular or semi-circular shape. Leave it to cool and deflate the balloon.

Oops! You have a chocolate bowl made from readily available materials.

Meats tend to stick in the grill pan. The best way to minimize this is to place the lemon slices first then put the flesh on top of it.

It serves two purposes; one is to avoid sticking together. Secondly, the sweet aroma of lemon diffuses into the meats to enhance its flavor.

  • Cook enough food to cater to diverse needs

You never know the people who visit your stands, so you need to have various foods, are cooked, and marinate them in demand.

Some of the people to take care of include

  • Vegetarians
  • White meat lovers
  • Red meat lovers
  • General foodies

With this in mind, you try and prepare a least a meal or two per category. It helps to ensure you don’t disappoint your customers.

The same concept you use when making a buffet is the same meal plan you also need to have when making the choices for the meals of choice.

It’s meaningless to be nervous when you get the contract among the caterers in this annual event. Take the opportunity in open arms and handle it as it comes. It’s worth the effort.