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Jun 25 2013

Canada Day New York Community Partners 2013

The Terry Fox Foundation


The Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research (New York) will have a promotional tent at Canada Day New York where you can stop by, say hello and register for this year’s Terry Fox Run which will be held in Central Park on Saturday, October 12, 2013. For more information on the Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research (New York), visit The Terry Fox Run for Cancer Research (New York).

The Terry Fox Foundation is a Canadian tax-exempt charitable foundation that organises the annual Terry Fox Run in September of each year. Through the run, The Terry Fox Foundation raises money for cancer research, and shares the inspiring story of Terry Fox. Terry was a Canadian who was diagnosed with bone cancer in 1977 and had his right leg amputated, and who subsequently decided to run across Canada to raise money for cancer research. The Terry Fox Run For Cancer Research takes place annually in New York City and is organised by local volunteers. All proceeds from the run are donated to the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC), an arrangement which is approved by The Terry Fox Foundation. Thanks to the financial support of the New York run, the MSKCC has tested the use of gene therapy techniques to stimulate the immune system to kill tumor cells in patients with advanced B cell cancers, receiving promising results.

Ice Hockey in Harlem

Ice Hockey in Harlem aims to improve the social and academic well being of children in the Harlem community. Through participation in ice hockey, student-athletes learn the fundamentals of the game, engage in an active lifestyle, and broaden their life experiences. Hockey teaches them not only about sports and sportsmanship, but also the values and disciplines that go along with it that will help them become better students and community members. This year, 209 students completed a full season, and 55 students completed the first-year Learn to Skate program. Teams went on road trips in Washington DC, New Jersey, and Connecticut. The program’s older members participate in the College Readiness Program, which organises guided tours of the campuses of Princeton, Columbia, and New York University, along with talks with hockey coaches and players from each school. Ice Hockey in Harlem also runs a Book Club. This year, 17 students read My Life in Hockey, the autobiography of Montreal Canadiens Hall-of-Famer Jean Beliveau.

The Walrus Foundation

The Walrus Foundation is a charitable non-profit organization with an educational mandate to support public debate on matters vital to Canadians. The foundation is dedicated to promoting Canadian writers, artists, readers, and ideas.

We achieve these goals, first and foremost, by publishing The Walrus, the most awarded magazine in Canada, named Magazine of the Year at the National Magazine Awards in June 2007. The Walrus is a monthly publication of ideas, sophistication, and wit, and a place where readers, writers, and artists meet. It is supported by TheWalrus.ca, which offers both archives and original content, and Walrus TV, which features exclusive documentaries inspired by stories from the magazine.

In addition, the Walrus Foundation runs an intensive editorial, art, and publishing internship program for aspiring editors, writers, designers, and digital media and publishing professionals selected from across Canada.

Through national events, the Walrus Foundation is committed to the public square, to celebrating Canadian talent, and to increasing participation in our democracy through spirited and intelligent debate—by lifting the magazine off the page and onto the stage in public forums.


CANY is the principal focal point of the Canadian community in the City of New York promoting friendly and positive social relations between Canadians and Americans, and between Canadians and the international community in New York, disseminating information and knowledge relating to Canadian business, society and culture, fostering a spirit of good will between Canada and the United States and amicable relations between the peoples of the United States and Canada, encouraging intellectual, social and professional exchanges between Canada and the United States, encouraging positive social relations between Canadians and Americans in New York and supporting charitable activities.

Visit CANY booth at Canada Day New York on July 1st and find out more on how to get involved and about upcoming events in Fall 2013.


In partnership with Canada Day International, FHFF are pleased to announce that we will be joining Canada Day New York, a celebration of Canada and all things Canadian on the global stage. Taking place in Central Park on June 29, we will be hosting a ball hockey tournament benefiting the Food Bank for New York City.

This tournament will be like nothing you’ve ever experienced. With games taking place in Central Park throughout the day, we’ll have eight teams battling for the Trafalgar Cup.

Game 1 (10:30AM): The Eager Flying Beavers vs. Five Hole for Food
Game 2 (11:00AM): Anthony Orofice vs Stikeman Elliott
Game 3 (11:30AM): CANY vs. BlackBerry
Game 4 (12:30PM): Canadian Consulate vs. Ice Hockey In Harlem

Games 5 through 10 will continue until after 5:00PM, with the Semi-Finals taking place at 5:15PM.

Looking to participate in drop-in ball hockey? Bring your donation for the Food Bank for NYC and join the action anytime after 11:00AM (no registration required).

Follow online at @fiveholeforfood.